Research Abstract

In rural Uganda there is a generation of young women and men who are the first in their family to go to school. Most do not have jobs. Many also participate in local institutions: churches, courts, committees.

  • What changes are poorer, educated, often unemployed youth bringing to these institutions? What ways does their participation reconfigure gender issues?
  • What concepts and categories do youth use to understand what they are doing?

Available research on education focuses on learning outcomes and economic impact, or on spread of modern attitudes among male urban youth. Much less is known about changes youth are bringing to rural communities.

Our research programme is designed with and by young people, and in partnership with a Ugandan community organisation. Through an interdisciplinary approach that brings the voices of young people centre stage, we examine participation in local institutions to challenge understandings of youth, education and unemployment.

By Dr. Ben Jones, Principal Investigator

Published by CPAR Uganda

A Ugandan nonprofit development Organisation that is advocating for healthy and dignified lives for all Ugandans; and during which their rights are respected.

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