Innovator Adoch Dorah

Adoch Dorah Komakech, a beneficiary of the CPAR Uganda “Mentoring Young Adults in Uganda into Innovators Against Poverty” programme, is one of the nine young adults who are participating as research assistants in the “Challenging Categories: Educated Unemployed Youth as Institutional Innovators in Rural Uganda” research project. She is on the Challenging Categories Lango Team that is under the direct leadership of the Co-Investigator, Dr. Laury Lawrence Ocen.

Dorah resides in Lira City, but her ancestral village is Bobi Central, in Kitugum-Matidi Sub-County, in Cwaa East County, in Kitgum District, in Acholi Sub-Region. She holds a Diploma in Law from the Law Development Centre, Kampala.

By the Challenging Categories Support Team

Feature picture @ Dorah at her hair salon at Uhuru Bar in Lira City.

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