Unemployed youth?

“People who have tested education have a certain way in which they have an organised mind.”  

Chairman of Oledai Village in Ngora District, September 2021

We are doing a very important research of actually challenging the category of educated youth who are considered unemployed, who are considered disorderly, who are considered idle. They are in the community and could be very useful.

The government can actually create jobs by working with those very youth who are now not at school. I have just been on a tour in Ngora, of the work of CPAR Uganda, we are doing research there. And one of the young persons there who is innovating, is actually teaching young people how to sew using a sewing machine.

Tailoring of face masks, for example, could be decentralized, for example, to be tailored by innovative youths, but the specifications are monitored by the people from Ministry of Health, from Soroti Regional Hospital, in order to make sure that the masks tailored are those that meet the specifications.

We have very many youth now, innovative young people, who are educated, but they are considered unemployed. They are with us in the community. Let us use them. And I am hoping that they are the ones being selected to be on village health teams, especially to manage home based care.

This viewpoint, contained herein this post, was expressed by Ms. Norah Owaraga, CPAR Uganda Managing Director, while she participated as a Panelist on the popular 3-hour radio talk show, “Teso Gang” on Voice of Teso, on Sunday, 19th September 2021.


Featured photo: CPAR Uganda Managing Director, Ms. Norah Owaraga (kneeling), on a home visit to Innovator Robert (standing next to his father seated on chair and his mam on the mat), at Ocelekur Village, Kalaki District. Robert is one of the CPAR Uganda innovators participating as a research assistant on the Ngora Team of the University of East Anglia led “Challenging Categories: Educated youth as institutional innovators in rural Uganda” research and advocacy project.

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